Pickering 40-220 / 40-225 Series Breadboard and Prototyping Modules
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Pickering 40-220 / 40-225 Series Breadboard and Prototyping Modules


  • Versatile PXI Breadboard with 652cm (10 Sq In) of Prototype Area
  • Access to All PXI Power Supplies (+3.3, +5, +12 and -12VDC)
  • Built-In Digital I/O 32-Bits Out, 32-Bits In, TTL or Transistor
  • Programmable By Bit, Byte or Word
  • TTL Outputs Suitable for Driving External Logic
  • Open Collector Transistor Outputs

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• 32 In/ 32 Out (TTL and Open Collector O/P)
• 1 Slot

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The Pickering 40-220 / 40-225 Series Breadboard and Prototyping Modules allow the user to construct their own circuit in situations where a PXI module is not available. For example when it is required to integrate a non-switching function into a PXI chassis. Typical applications include: Creating custom circuitry that can be housed on a 3U board, or to build special "one-off" switching modules.

Two choices of output drive are manufactured: TTL for interacting with external logic and Open Collector Transistor for operating external devices with voltages to 50VDC and currents to 500mA.

Writing and reading can be done at bit, byte or word level to simplify programming effort. Applications include generating control signals, stimulus and sensing status from digital devices.

Pickering also manufacturers a "stripped down" version, the 40-225. This is a very basic, low cost, prototype module. It has no PXI interface, but does have access to fused power supplies from the PXI backplane together with a blank front panel. The 40-225 is made with either a 1 slot front panel (40- 225-001) or 2 slot front panel (40-225-002).

Product Family: 40-220 / 40-225 Series, 40-220 / 40-225, 40-220, 40-225, 40 220, 40 225, 40220, 40225, 40.220, 40.225
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