Chroma 52906 PXI Extension Card
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Chroma 52906 PXI Extension Card


  • Extend PXI Backplane Signals
  • 3U 64-Bit PXI Extension Card for Hot Swapping PXI Card
  • Extend PXI BUS to Outside of Chassis, Easy for Inspection
  • Able to Use Voltage Meter to Measure the Power Consumption
  • Use Jumper to Control the Cutoff Current
  • Power is Controlled by Mechanical Switches

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The Chroma 52906 PXI Extension Card is used to extend the PXI backplane signal outside of the chassis. Inserting the PXI card to the extension card can easily check or measure the PXI card's signal under power on condition, which resolves the problems of inconvenient inspection due to the PXI card inside the chassis for RD or maintenance personnel. The PXI extension card is able to isolate the voltage and signals sent to the PXI card for hot swap when the system is powered on. Every time the extension card activates it can supply the power required for PXI initialization. It eliminates the need for rebooting the PC when users read and re-write the configuration files.

The PXI extension card allows users to measure the voltage consumption power of PXI standard 5 sets of voltage easily using a voltage meter. The extension card has over current protection circuit that can prevent the system backplane and other related components from damage if the PXI card malfunctions. Jumpers on the extension card allow the user to define the current range for protection; in addition an outward power connector is attached to supply the power externally instead of using the backplane power.

Product Family: 52906, 529O6
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Chroma 52906 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Chroma Website