National Instruments FP-1300 CAN Interface for FieldPoint Network Module
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National Instruments FP-1300 CAN Interface for FieldPoint Network Module


  • Performs CAN Device Prototyping
  • (4) Different Methods of Message Transmission
  • Add I/O to a CAN Network
  • Fully Configurable CAN Message Scheme and Baud Rate
  • Accepts Standard and Extended Message IDs

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The National Instruments FP-1300 CAN Interface for FieldPoint Network Module is a CAN network interface module for FieldPoint. The NI FP-1300 is fully configurable, so you can specify the arbitration ID (standard or extended) and define the frame format (number of data bytes and offset of specific I/O data within the frame). It provides an easy way to add I/O to an existing CAN network or to prototype devices in the development phase.

With FieldPoint, you can connect your sensors directly to high accuracy analog and discrete I/O modules. The FieldPoint I/O modules filter, calibrate, and scale raw sensor signals to engineering units. Each FP-1300 network interface connects a node of up to nine FieldPoint I/O modules to the CAN network. The FP-1300 network module manages communications between the CAN network and the I/O modules via a local high speed bus formed by FieldPoint terminal bases. For simple installation and high reliability during use, the network interface also provides autoconfiguration and diagnostic features. Once configured, the FP-1300 automatically publishes and receives scaled I/O data over any CAN network.

The FP-1300 network modules come with the FP-1300 configuration utility and NI-CAN software. These software tools simplify system setup and configuration so you can select communication settings, change the baud rate, or I/O settings, such as the temperature units (°F/°C/°K) for a thermocouple channel. The FP-1300 configuration utility also displays any warnings or errors from the FieldPoint I/O modules, such as an open thermocouple wire. The FP-1300 network module and I/O modules require an NI-CAN interface for PCMCIA/PCI/PXI to perform configuration. After configuration, you can use the FP-1300 on any CAN network.

Product Family: FP-1300, FP1300, FP 1300
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