TDK-Lambda GENESYS 750W/1500W Series Programmable DC Power Supplies
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TDK-Lambda GENESYS 750W/1500W Series Programmable DC Power Supplies


  • Constant Voltage
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • High Power Density
  • Wide Range Input
  • Built-In RS-232/RS-285 Interface
  • Last Setting Memory

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This unit includes an Accessories Kit, Part Number 61-008196.

GEN 40-38-IEMD:
• Rated Output Voltage: 40 V
• Rated Output Current: 38 A
• Rated Output Power: 1520 W
• Programming Option: GPIB/IEEE Multi-Drop Master Interface

Included Accessories:
• Serial Link Cable, 0.5 m
• Output Terminal Shield
• DB25 Programming Plug Kit
• AC Input Strain Relief, Input Cover

View Photo of Accessories Kit. Part Number: 00507522

Stock # 97556-1

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The TDK-Lambda GENESYS 750W/1500W Series Programmable DC Power Supplies are wide output range, high performance switching power supplies. The Genesys series is power factor corrected and operates from worldwide AC voltage range continuously. Output Voltage and Current are continuously displayed and LED indicators show the complete operating status of the power supply. The Front panel controls allow the user to set the output parameters, the protections levels (Over-Voltage protection, Under-Voltage limit and Foldback) and preview the settings. The rear panel includes the necessary connectors to control and monitor the power supply operation by remote analog signals or by the built-in serial communication (RS232/RS485).

Product Family: GEN 6-100, GEN 6-200, GEN 8-90, GEN 8-180 GEN 12.5-60, GEN 100-7.5, GEN 12.5-120, GEN 100-15, GEN 20-38 0 - 20 0 - 38 GEN 150-5, GEN 20-76, GEN 150-10, GEN 30-25, GEN 300-2.5 GEN 30-50, GEN 300-5, GEN 40-19, GEN 600-1.3, GEN 40-38, GEN 600-2.6
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