Pickering 40-29x Programmable Resistor Modules
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Pickering 40-29x Programmable Resistor Modules


  • Dual 16-Bit or Quad 8-Bit Resolution Resistor Module
  • Programmable From 0Ω to 32767.5Ω in 0.5Ω Steps
  • Built-In Non-Volatile Parametric Memory For Calibration Data
  • Over 1000 Value Changes Per Second

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• Dual 16 Bit Resistor Module
• 16 x SPDT Relays

Part Number: 40-290-121

Stock # 97658-1

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The Pickering 40-29x Programmable Resistor Modules comprise a dual 16 bit resistor chain together with 16 optional SPDT Reed Relays. The 40-291 is configured as a quad 8 bit programmable resistor chain and also has the option of 16 SPDT relays. Connections are made via a front panel 68 pin male connector.

Programmable resistors may be connected together either in series or in parallel to form many types of configuration. For example potentiometers (2 resistors in series) and more accurate resistors (connecting in parallel). Each programmable resistor has a position for a user inserted offset value. The 40-290 and 40-291 use Ruthenium Reed Relays for maximum switching accuracy and operating life.

To give maximum accuracy each resistor chain has on-board E2PROM, this allows accurate calibration data to be recorded for each resistor in the chain.

Product Family: 40-290, 40290, 40 290, 40-291, 40291, 40 291
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Pickering 40-29x Datasheet (pdf) 
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