Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7591 Single-Slot VMEbus Single-Board Computer
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Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7591 Single-Slot VMEbus Single-Board Computer


  • Pentium or AMD-K6 High-Performance Microprocessor
  • External L2 Cache - 512 Kbyte Synchronous Burst SRAM
  • 64-Bit PCI SVGA Controller with 2 MB SGRAM
  • On-Board Fast Ethernet Controller Supporting 10BaseT and 100BaseTX

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• 333 MHz AMD-K6 Processor
• 64 MB SDRAM Memory
• Single-Slot, Active Cooling

Part Numbers: 350-007591-141 J, 332-007591-000 C

Stock # 97679-1

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The Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7591 Single-Slot VMEbus Single-Board Computer is a complete IBM PC/AT-compatible Pentium or AMD-K6 processor-based computer with the additional benefits of single Eurocard construction. The VMIVME-7591 with advanced VMEbus interface, and DRAM that is dual-ported to the VMEbus, is ideal for multiprocessor applications.

The single CPU board contains a Pentium or AMD-K6 high-performance microprocessor and functions as a standard PC/AT, executing a PC/AT-type power-on self-test, then boots up MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT, or any other PC/AT-compatible operating system.

The VMIVME-7591 also provides capabilities beyond the features of a typical IBM PC/AT-compatible CPU including general-purpose timers, a programmable watchdog timer, a bootable Flash Disk system, and nonvolatile, battery-backed SRAM. These features make the unit ideal for embedded applications.

Product Family: VMIVME-7591, VMIVME7591, VMI-VME-7591, VMIVME-7452, VMIVME7452
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