Moore Industries MVT Millivolt Transmitters
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Moore Industries MVT Millivolt Transmitters


  • Direct Millivolt Input
  • Low Output Ripple
  • High Common Mode Rejection
  • Complete Isolation
  • High Input Impedance
  • RFl / EMI Protection

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• 80-160MVFS: 0-80 Through 160 mV
• 4-20MA: 4-20MA into 0-1200 Ω
• AC Input 117 VAC

Stock # 97721-1

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The Moore Industries MVT Millivolt Transmitters are perfect for applications where high accuracy is demanded, the 4-wire MVT Millivolt Transmitter converts a grounded or ungrounded millivolt input to a wide range of current or voltage outputs. Typical applications include interfacing gas analyzer output, pH meter output, or dc current shunts with a panel meter, recording device , or a process computer. In the current shunt application, the MVT's input/output isolation permits non-hazardous monitoring of dc motor power

Product Family: MVT, MVT/80-160MVFS/4-20MA/117AC, MVT/8O-16OMVFS/4-2OMA/117AC
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Moore Industries MVT Millivolt Transmitters Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Moore Industries Website