Precision Analog Systems PAS 9715/AO 32 Channel, 12-Bit VME Analog Output Card
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Precision Analog Systems PAS 9715/AO 32 Channel, 12-Bit VME Analog Output Card


  • (32) Channels of Analog Voltage Outputs, with a 12-Bit D/A Converter per Channel
  • Calibrated with a Precision On Board Voltage Reference
  • Reset to Bipolar Zero During Power Up Reset
  • Outputs Can Be Disconnected from Field Wiring Through Low Impedance FET Switches
  • Output impedance of 0.6 Ω

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The Precision Analog Systems PAS 9715/AO 32 Channel, 12-Bit VME Analog Output Card provides thirty-two, twelve bit analog voltage output channels on a 6U VMEbus card. VME systems with A16, A24, or A32 addressing are supported, and data writes of 16 or 32 bits can be used. Pluggable jumpers are used to configure the width of the address bus and the data bus width is specified by the instruction type.

Eight, quad high speed voltage output DACs, with 6 uSec settling times are used to provide a total of thirty two analog output channels. The voltage output signals are available on a pair of 37 pin D connectors mounted through the front panel. These connectors also terminate four digital output signals. All of the analog outputs can be disconnected from the field wiring through on board, low impedance FET switches.

Six analog output ranges are available, under program control, which allows the card's output voltage to be tailored to your application. Bipolar ranges from ± 10 volts to ± 2.5 volts and unipolar ranges from 0 to 10 volts to 0 to 2.5 volts are supported. All output ranges provide a minimum of 5 milliamps of output current.

External synchronization signals and the card's voltage reference are available in a separate six-position connector at the front panel. Additional features include a board identifier PROM, control and status register, and DAC loop back registers.

Product Family: PAS 9715/AO, PAS9715/AO, PAS 9715/A0, PAS9715/A0, PAS 9715-AO, PAS 9715, PAS-9715, PAS9715
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Precision Analog Systems PAS 9715/A0 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Precision Analog Systems Website