Siemens ET 200B Distributed I/O Station
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Siemens ET 200B Distributed I/O Station


  • Networking via PROFIBUS and PROFIBUS-DP
  • Mountable on Standard Sectional Rails and Smooth Surfaces
  • Run, Bus Fault, Group Diagnostics, Load Voltage Monitoring, and I/O Status LEDs

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• Non-Floating Inputs: 32
• Input Voltage: 24 V DC
• Input Delay: 3 ms

Part Number 131-0BL00-0XB0, 6ES7 131-0BL00-0XB0

Stock # 97895-1

The bottom of this unit is chipped, however this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Number: 193-0CB10-0XA0, 6ES7 193-0CB10-0XA0

View Photo of chipped bottom.

Stock # 97895-2

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The Siemens ET 200B Distributed I/O Station is based on the PROFIBUS standard and the PROFIBUS-DP standard. The field bus on which the ET 200 distributed I/O system is based is a version of PROFIBUS known as PROFIBUS-DP (DP = Dezentrale Peripherie, or distributed I/O). This version is designed for minimum reaction times in communication with the distributed inputs and outputs.

Product Family: 131-0BL00-0XB0, 1310BL000XB0, 131 0BL00 0XB0, 131-OBLOO-OXBO, 193-0CB10-0XA0, 1930CB100XA0, 193 0CB10 0XA0, 193-OCB1O-OXAO,
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Siemens ET 200B Manual (pdf) 
Link to Siemens Website