ETAS LABCAR Component HiL System
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ETAS LABCAR Component HiL System


  • Compact Real-Time Testing System for Automotive Embedded Control Units (ECUs)
  • Open, Modular System Architecture for Simulation Models, Software, Hardware, Test Automation, and Time-Synchronous ECU Access
  • PC-Based Simulation with Extensive Possibilities (Dual-Core, Quad-Core, etc.)

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This unit is in fair condition. It is meant to be used as a replacement for an existing system.

• (Qty 222) SCHUTZINGER KURZ 10-2 IG MB NI/SW Stackable Safety Shunt (Banana 2mm Socket)
• JIN2 Input Connector Needs to be Replaced (View Photo Here)
• (Qty 5) ETAS K00K1701=021 Eight Channel Pass Thru Boards (Internal)
• (Qty 21) ETAS ESC 200 203 Interface Boards (Internal)
• (Qty 7) ETAS 41101 006 00 Motherboards (Internal)
• (Qty 1) ETAS K00K1701-023 Power Supply Daughtercard

Please contact manufacturer for pricing availability for more Shunts and a JIN replacement connector.

Stock # 97928-1

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The ETAS LABCAR's Component HiL System main differentiator is its open, modular architecture, which allows the testing system to be easily adapted and functionally extended to suit future requirements. The strict separation of the system-specific hardware and the PC-based computing engine provides a high degree of investment protection. This facilitates the dedicated replacement or addition of individual hardware modules without the need for additional capital investment. Modular HiL Testing System for Automotive Electronic Control Units.

Product Family: LABCAR
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ETAS LABCAR Datasheet (pdf) 
ETAS LABCAR Datasheet 2(pdf) 
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