Kontron / PEP VSBC-32 32-Bit Single-Board Computer
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Kontron / PEP VSBC-32 32-Bit Single-Board Computer


  • Quad-Channel Integrated Communications Controller
  • Up to (6) Serial Interfaces
  • Serial Interfaces Accessible by Front-Panel and CXC
  • Flexible Front-Panel Options for Network and Serial I/O

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The Kontron / PEP VSBC-32 32-Bit Single-Board Computer is a 32-bit high-performance communication controller which combines powerful peripheral functions with system integration and an on-chip 32-bit core.The core is essentially a 68020 processor operating at 25 MHz or 33 MHz without cache and achieves a computational performance that is approximately three times that of a 68302 running at 16 MHz. It has a communication performance that is approximately six times that of the 68302!

Product Family: VSBC-32, VSBC32, VSBC 32, VSBC.32, VSBC/32, DM605, DM 605, DM-605, DM/605
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Kontron / PEP VSBC-32 Datasheet (pdf) 
Kontron / PEP VSBC-32 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Kontron / PEP Website