Keyence LJ-V7000 Series High-speed 2D/3D Laser Scanners
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Keyence LJ-V7000 Series High-speed 2D/3D Laser Scanners


  • GP64-Processor
  • Blue Laser Optical System
  • Double Polarization Function

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The Keyence LJ-V7000 Series High-speed 2D/3D Laser Scanners makes it possible to measure parts moving at extremely high speeds, in high definition, without missing a single one. Profiles are accurately measured even in cases where black surfaces, inclines with low reflectivity and metallic surfaces with high reflectivity are mixed together under the same optical axis. The newly developed HSE3 -CMOS wide dynamic range has provided the LJ-V Series with improvements in both speed and detection stability. The LJ-V Series is able to perform any measurement thanks to a variety of head variations and measurement modes, as well as 3D inspection when connected to an image processing system. In addition, the automatic setting optimization function makes operation easy for any user.

The LJ-V7000 Series is equipped with the newly developed HSE3-CMOS. In addition to improved speed, the dynamic range has been further improved over the established and conventional E3-CMOS. Even with the extremely short exposure time of 64 kHz (15.6 µs) it has achieved sensitivity that allows it to reliably measure a range of surfaces from black (small amount of reflection) surfaces to those with luster (large amount of reflection) due to it's wide dynamic range. A new custom IC can perform ultra-high-speed pipeline processing that in addition to reading CMOS image capture data and performing high-resolution subpixel processing, also performs high-precision linearisation and data output. This allows for the measurement of objects moving at high-speeds with room to spare

Product Family: LJ-V7080, LJ-V7200, LJ-V7300, OP-66844, OP-66842, OP-87055, LJ-VM100, OP-87258, OP-87259, CA-MP120, CA-MP120T, LJ-V7001, LJ-V7001P, CB-PN10, CB-EP100, LJ-V7020K, LJ-V7020, LJ-V7060K, LJ-V7060, LJ-V7080, LJ-V7200, LJ-V7300
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Keyence LJ-V7000 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Keyence CA-U3 Datasheet (pdf) 
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