Octagon Systems 871A EPROM Programmer Card
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Octagon Systems 871A EPROM Programmer Card


  • EPROM Programmer for 27256 and 27512 EPROMs
  • Parallel Printer Port
  • ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) Programming Socket
  • EPROM Programming Voltage Under Software Control
  • Hardware Supports Fast Programming Algorithm
  • Program Voltage LED

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The Octagon Systems 871A EPROM Programmer Card is designed for use in program development with Octagon CPU cards that contain STD BASIC III software. It has an on-card EPROM programmer to program 27256 or 27512 EPROMs. A parallel printer port is included for documenting programs, data logging, etc. This port is compatible with printers have a Centronics interface. A program voltage LED provides visual feedback to show when an EPROM is being programmed.

Product Family: 871A, 871/A, 871.A, 871-A, 871 A
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Octagon Systems 871A Manual (pdf) 
Link to Octagon Systems Website