North Atlantic 78C2 Multi-Function I/O Card
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North Atlantic 78C2 Multi-Function I/O Card


  • Multiple I/O and Serial Communication Functions on a Single Slot 6U cPCI Card
  • User Can Specify (6) Different Function Modules
  • Automatic Background BIT Testing Continually Checks and Reports the Health of Each Channel
  • Control Via cPCI or Ethernet
  • Connections Via Front Panel, Rear Panel, or Both

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• C2; Module (Slot) Definition: A/D Converter
• C2; Module (Slot) Definition: A/D Converter
• PA; Module (Slot) Definition: CANBus
• P8; Module (Slot) Definition: RS-232/422/485
• (3) D8; Module (Slot) Definition: Differential Transceiver
• 0; On-Board Reference Supply (M7): No On-Board Reference Supply
• B; Mechanical: Front Panel (J6 and J7) and Rear (J1, J4, and J5) I/O
• K; Environmental: 0 to 70 °C with Conformal Coating
• 2; Ethernet: P0 Ethernet Connection
• 0; Encoder Outputs for Synchro / Resolver Modules: No Encoder Outputs

Part Number: 78C2-B003

Stock # 98642-1

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The North Atlantic 78C2 Multi-Function I/O Card is a 6U cPCI multi-function I/O and serial communications card. The "mother board" contains 6 independent module slots, each of which can be populated with a function specific module, and can be controlled via Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T) as well as the cPCI bus. This enhanced Motherboard, using multiple DSP, allows for higher processing power and dedicated control for each module. This unique design eliminates the need for multiple specialized, single function cards by providing a single board solution for a broad assortment of signal interface modules, such as I/O, Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital and LVDT.

In addition, the 78C2 incorporates serial communication modules such as RS232/422/485 and ARINC429. Our approach increases packaging density, saves enclosure slots, reduces power consumption and adds continuous background BIT testing. Future features will add a temperature sensor, an elapsed time indicator and a ferroelectric RAM. Automatic background BIT testing, an important feature, is always enabled and continually checks the health of each channel. There is no need to guess or make assumptions about system performance. A fault is immediately reported and the specific channel is identified. This capability is of tremendous benefit because it identifies and reports a failure, without the need to shut down the equipment for troubleshooting. Testing is totally transparent to the user, requires no external programming and has no effect on the standard operation of the card.

Product Family: 78C2, 78/C2, 78 C2, 78-C2, 78C-2, 78C2-B003
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North Atlantic 78C2 Datasheet (pdf) 
North Atlantic 78C2 Manual (pdf) 
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