ESD Electronics VME-CAN4 Intelligent Board for 4 CAN or DeviceNet Channels
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ESD Electronics VME-CAN4 Intelligent Board for 4 CAN or DeviceNet Channels


  • Full CAN Controller by Integrated Firmware for Any Identifier
  • Each Channel with Separate Microcontroller and its Own CAN Controller
  • Lossless Data Exchange with VMEbus

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• 4 Independant CAN Channels
• 11 and 29 bit CAN Identifier
• Integrated Firmware with CAL/CMS
• CANopen Support

Part Number: VME-CAN4, 1408.02, 4541307-60006-1

Stock # 98675-1

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The ESD Electronics VME-CAN4 Intelligent Board 4 CAN or DeviceNet Channels are equipped with their own micro controller of type 68331 at 20 MHz clock frequency. Each micro controller has a working memory of 256 kbytes available. After a RESET, the micro controller program code is loaded from the local Flash EPROM. Program updates can be loaded into the Flash EPROM via the VMEbus.

The CAN data transfer from and to the VMEbus is performed via a Shared RAM with a capacity of 512 kbytes and FIFOs. Received Rx data generates a local interrupt, which will be processed by the belonging micro controller. It stores the data in the Shared RAM and the identifier is stored in the FIFO (FIFO to master). Then it generates a VMEbus interrupt. For each of the four CAN channels an individual interrupt vector is generated.

To transmit CAN data, the VMEbus master enters the data into the Shared RAM. With this, automatically a pointer to the identifier is stored in the FIFO (FIFO to slave). The belonging micro controller reads FIFO and RAM and starts the data transmission.

Product Family: VME-CAN4, VMECAN4, VME CAN4
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ESD Electronics VME-CAN4 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to ESD Electronics Website