TDK ZRCT-ME Series Noise Filters
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TDK ZRCT-ME Series Noise Filters


  • Highly Efficient Thermal Design
  • Highly Effective at Preventing Both the Radiation and Penetration of EMC Noise
  • Withstand Voltage Between Line and Ground is AC 2000V
  • Single-Direction Block Terminal Design Simplifies Wiring Requirements, Thereby Improving Workflow
  • Highly Immune to Externally Generated Noise

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• Filter Type: Three Phase EMI Filter
• Insulation Resistance-Min: 100.0 Mohm
• Leakage Current-Max: 3.5mA
• Rated Current: 30.0 A
• Rated Voltage: 440.0 V

Stock # 98681-1

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The ZRCT-ME Series Noise Filter employs a highly efficient thermal design, which ensures high current handling capacity in a compact package with superior EMC suppression characteristics.

They are highly effective at preventing both the radiation and penetration of EMC noise. The parts are, therefore, highly immune to externally generated noise and do not, themselves, serve as sources of radiated noise.

For the CISPR frequency band, this product provides superior attenuation for both differential mode and common mode noise components.

Product Family: ZRCT-ME
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TDK ZRCT4030-ME Datasheet (pdf) 
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