Canon CR6-45NMf Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera
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Canon CR6-45NMf Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera


  • Photography Using Filters (Fluorescein Angiography)
  • Easy Positioning and Focusing
  • Improved Induction Method
  • Photography of Eye with Strong Myopia or Hyperopia
  • Photography of Small Pupil

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Artisan Technology Group is not selling this item to be used on human and/or animal subjects. Artisan Technology Group and it's employees are not liable for accidents or injuries that may occur with use or improper use of the CR-TA Dual Angle TV Adapter. This instrument should be handled and used only by a person qualified and familiar with its use. If purchased, this disclaimer will need to be signed.

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The Canon CR6-45NMf Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera is not only capable of taking pictures of the retinal image without using mydriatic drugs but is also capable of performing filter photography (fluorescein angiography) without using mydriatic drugs.

Various forms of photography can be performed with the optional CR-RE 35 mm Film Camera, with the CR-PC Dual Polaroid Back Unit, or with the Polaroid CR-PC2 Color Back Unit attached to the CR6-45NMf.

Also, retinal images can be recorded or stored with an external image recorder by attaching a TV camera to the retinal camera with the CR-TA or CR-TAf Dual Angle TV Adapters.

Product Family: CR6-45NMf, CR645NMf, CR6.45, CR6 45, CR-TA, CR TA, CRTA, CR.TA,
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Canon CR-TA Manual (pdf) 
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