Intel / Wind River VisionPROBE II PowerPC Hardware Debugger
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Intel / Wind River VisionPROBE II PowerPC Hardware Debugger


  • Target Versatility
  • High-Speed Parallel Download
  • RTOS Awareness
  • On-Chip Debugging Target Control
  • Built-In Hardware Diagnostics
  • Flash Memory Programming

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• CAB-00115-001 16-Pin Female to 16-Pin Male Connector Cable (9 in.)

Part Number: 0103-0088, PCT-00120-001

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The Intel / Wind River VisionPROBE II PowerPC Hardware Debugger is a hardware-assisted tool that utilizes on-chip debugging services embedded in the microprocessor. It comes with a software debugger for a fully-integrated hardware and software solution, and provides the icapability for board bring-up, flash programming, and production/testing.

The VisionPROBE II provides a high-speed parallel connection between a host debugger and target microprocessor for PC-based development. It is the second-generation release of Wind River's proven high-performance emulation system, and it offers download speeds, overall debug through-put, and debug efficiency.

The VisionPROBE II allows developers to perform common source-level debug activities, such as watching memory and controlling large numbers of registers in a matter of seconds. Developers are able to shorten edit/compile/download/debug cycles and make more turns, even with the most complex of applications.

Product Family: VisionPROBE II, VisionPROBE 2, VisionPROBE2, VisionPROBEII, VisionPROBE-II, VisionPROBE-2
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