North Atlantic 8500 Angle Position Indicator
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North Atlantic 8500 Angle Position Indicator


  • Parallel Only or Parallel and IEEE Interface
  • 9 1/2-Inch Wide Rack Panel Housing
  • For Use in a Panel Mount Half Rack, Bench Mount, and Panel Mount Full Rack

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• Configuration Options: Panel Mount, Half Rack
• Frequency and Display: 47-440 Hz, Selectable Display
• Interface: Parallel Only

Input Voltage: 115 VAC

Stock # 98921-1

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The North Atlantic 8500 Angle Position Indicator is housed in a 9 1/2-inch wide rack panel and is packaged primarily for computer controlled or fixed installation applications. The front panel contains a group of controls and indicators including a power ON/OFF switch, a set of function switches and coordinated LED indicators, a set of input terminals, and a display for angular data, degree/minutes, and IEEE-488 interface status information. The rear panel provides an AC input receptacle (J2), a parallel I/O connector (J1), and an 8-position mode DIP switch with appropriate instruction label. And IEEE-488 ADDRESS switch and connector (J3) are a manufactured option.

The 8500 Angle Position Indicator is a synchro/resolver-to-digital converter that performs high quality analog-to-digital conversions of synchro or resolver data. It transmits the converted digital representation of the analog data simultaneously to the following locations: the front panel display, the BCD outputs of the rear panel parallel I/O connector, and the option IEEE-488 interface bus.

Product Family: 8500, 8500-F, 8500F, 8500-F-121, 8500-F121
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North Atlantic 8500 Manual (pdf) 
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