Quasonix E-TIMTER Multi-Mode Telemetry Transmitters
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Quasonix E-TIMTER Multi-Mode Telemetry Transmitters


  • (1) MDM-15 Connector for All Baseband Interfaces
  • (1) SMA Female Connector for the RF Output Connection
  • 5 W Min. RF Output Power

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• Frequency Band: 2200.5 to 2389.5 MHz
• Clock and Data Interface: RS-422 - 120 ohms Differential
• PCM/FM Mode(ARTM Tier 0): Yes
• SOQPSK-TG Mode (ARTM Tier I): Yes
• Multi-H CPM Mode (ARTM Tier II): No
• RF Output Power: 10 Watts (+40 dBm Minimum)
• Package: Female MDM-15 Primary Connector, SMA Female RF Output Connector

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The Quasonix E-TIMTER Multi-Mode Telemetry Transmitters are designed to transmit airborne telemetry data from a test article to ground stations. The E-TIMTER is designed to be mounted by four (4) 6-32 screws through the holes in the four corners. The E-TIMTER has two external connectors, an MDM-15 for all baseband interfaces, and an SMA female for the RF output connection. The minimum RF output power is 5 Watts (10 Watts with either Option 09 or Option 10). When the RF load VSWR is < 2:1="" at="" all="" phase="" angles="" from="" 0="" to="" 360="" degrees.="" the="" transmitter="" electrical="" current="" drain="" does="" not="" exceed="" 1.8="" amps="" (2.5="" amps="" with="" either="" option="" 09="" or="" option="" 10).="" the="" carrier="" frequency="" is="" selectable="" in="" 0.5="" mhz="" steps="" from="" 2200.5="" mhz="" to="" 2389.5="" mhz="" (sband)="" or="" 1435.5="" mhz="" to="" 1534.5="" mhz="" (l-band).="" the="" frequency="" error="" is="" less="" than="" ±20="" ppm="" over="" all="" combinations="" of="" temperature,="" voltage,="" and="" aging="" (up="" to="" five="" years).="" the="" e-timter="" is="" designed="" for="" efficient="" heat="" transfer="" between="" internal="" heat="" producing="" sources="" and="" the="" baseplate.="" it="" is="" rated="" for="" operation="" with="" baseplate="" temperatures="" ranging="" from="" -40°c="" to="" +85="" °c,="" except="" for="" units="" with="" option="" 09="" or="" option="" 10,="" which="" are="" specified="" to="" operate="" from="" -40°c="" to="" />

Product Family: TIMTER, VSR, QSX-VSR-110-10S-20-6A, QSX-VSR, E-TIMTER
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Quasonix E-TIMTER Manual (pdf) 
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