Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum TSG-3800 Series Timing Signal Generators
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Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum TSG-3800 Series Timing Signal Generators


  • External Connections on Rear Panel
  • Up to (12) Input Reference Signals
  • Generation of Output Signals
  • Power Subsystems
  • External Alarm Connections
  • Controls and Indicators

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The Microsemi / Symmetricom / Datum TSG-3800 Series Timing Signal Generators are timing signal generators that generate and distribute network synchronization signals. Input signals can be DS1, E1, 2048 kHz, sinusoids, or square waves. The TSG-3800E and optional TSG-3800EX Expansion shelf are EMC-compliant, 19-inch, rack-mounted systems with a special metal chassis incorporating elements to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions. The TSG-3800 series of products is manufactured in three versions. The first is the TSG-3800 19-inch Main Shelf and an optional 19-inch Expansion shelf. The second is the TSG-3800E 19-inch electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliant Main Shelf and an optional 19-inch EMC compliant Expansion shelf. The third is the TSG-3800 23-inch Main Shelf and an optional 23-inch Expansion shelf.

The TSG-3800 series has four input slots and supports up to 12 external input signals of matching or mixed types: framed, composite clock, and so forth. These signals are connected to the rear panel of the main shelf.

The TSG-3800 series 19-inch main shelf has four slots for Output modules, each with 20 outputs. The TSG-3800 23-inch Main Shelf provides an additional four slots, for a total of 160 outputs. Signals from similar Output modules merge on the backplane to provide redundancy. For example, channel 1 of the first module is merged with channel 1 of the second module. Operators can configure the TSG-3800 to provide multiple output signal types by installing desired output module pairs.

The TSG-3800 series main shelf requires redundant -48 vDC power inputs. The power connects to the main shelf through terminal block connectors on the rear panel. The negative side of each power input is fused for protection. Both power inputs are available for each module in the shelf; each module has its own power converter and supplies power at the levels required by the individual module.

Product Family: TSG-3800, TSG-3800X, TSG-3800E, TSG-3800EX, 23478272, 23478272-001-0, 23478272-004-0, 23478272-011-0, 23478272-014-0, 23478305, 23478443, 23476568, 23477799, 23478309, 23478401, 23478399, 23477337, 23477342, 23477134, 23477602, 23478444, 23478486-000-0
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