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National Instruments SCC-RLY01 1-Channel Relay Module
This unit does not include a terminal block.

Part Number: 187397B-01

View National Instruments SC Signal Conditioning Connector Block.(...)

View National Instruments SCC Analog Input/Output Modules.

National Instruments USB-8476 1-Port USB LIN Interface
• Transceiver: ATA6620
• Physical Layer: LIN
• Maximum Transfer Rate: 20 kb/s

Part Number: 194210D-22L, 194210E-22L
National Instruments USB-8473 1-Port USB CAN Interface
• Transceiver: TJA1041
• Physical Layer: High-Speed CAN
• Maximum Transfer Rate: 1,000 kb/s

Part Number: 194210C-02, 194210D-02L
Ametek / VTI Instruments / VXI Technology VM9000 VXI Modular Instrumentation Platform
Modules are sold separately. If you would like a custom configuration contact an Artisan Technology Group Customer Support Specialist for pricing and availability. The front panel slots may vary(...) from those on the pictured unit.

This unit has the newer-style connectors, pictured here.
The mating module connector is pictured here.

Part Number: 70-0071-xxx, 70-0074-xxx, 70-0054-xxx, 70-0056-xxx, 70-0065-xxx

National Instruments FP-RLY-420 Relay Module
Part Number: 185151A-01, 185151B-01, 185151C-01, 185151D-01, 777518-420
National Instruments SCC-AI03 2-Channel Analog Input Module
This unit does not include a terminal block.


• Voltage: 10V
• Frequency: 10 kHz

Part Numbers: 186623E-03, 186623C-03, 186623F-03

View National Instruments SC Signal Conditioning Connector Block.
View National Instruments SCC Digital Input/Output Modules.

Astronics / EADS / Racal Option 01 Smart Card
The smart card is addressed over the VXIbus, and all other modules resident in the VXIbus chassis are controlled by this card. Option 01 uses the local bus on the VXI P2 connector to provide(...) scanning, delay and exclude capabilities. The built-in-test features in the smart card include confidence checking which monitors the state of each relay. It monitors a spare set of contacts or sensing coil current to ensure the switching system configuration is as programmed.

Racal Option 01 Smart Card Datasheet (pdf)
Racal Option 01 Smart Card Manual (pdf)

Part Number: 401901, 401901-005 , 411901-005, 404820

National Instruments FP-TB-1 FieldPoint Terminal Base
• Screw Termination Style
• 36 Terminals
• Universal Terminal Base

Part Number: 184106A-01, 184106B-01, 184106C-01, 777519-01

Anton Paar DMA 35 Portable Density Meter
This Anton Paar DMA 35 Portable Density Meter is used and in excellent condition.

Included Accessories:
• Standard 180mm Filling Tube
• Luer adapter 1/4" UNF

View Photo of included accessories.

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