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OMRON CRT1-MD16TA-1 Digital I/O Slave Unit with 3-Tier Terminal Block
This OMRON CRT1-MD16TA-1 Digital I/O Slave Unit with 3-Tier Terminal Block is new from surplus stock. This unit ships in the manufacturer's original packaging.

• Inputs: 8
• Outputs: 8
• Type: PNP
• Without Short-Circuit and Disconnected Line Detection

 3201208-1 VME Module
This 3201208-1 VME Module is used and in excellent condition. This module will require an extender to operate as a C size VME module.
Fanuc A16B-1210-0270 RAM Board
This Fanuc Robotics A16B-1210-0270 RAM Board is used and in excellent condition.

Model Number: A16B-1210-0270/02A

View Photo of the back of this unit

Schmersal BPS33 Coded Magnet Sensor
• (2) Tamperproof Screws with Unidirectional Slots
Mitsubishi AY13 Melsec-A Relay Output Module
• Outputs: 32 Outputs
• Output Voltage: 240 VAC / 24 VDC
• Output Current: 2 A
• Features: Relay Outputs
Acromag PMC-VLX110E Reconfigurable Virtex-5 FPGA Module with Plug-In I/O
• (110,592) Logic Cells
• (64) DSP48E Slices
• Extended Temperature Range
Mitsubishi MR-J2-10A1 AC Servo Amplifier
This Mitsubishi MR-J2-10A1 AC Servo Amplifier is used and in good condition. This unit is missing the bottom plastic front panel cover and the case is cracked around the Charge LED. Internal(...) battery sold separately.

Power: 100 W
Input: 1 Phase AC, 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: 170 V, 0-360 Hz

View Photo of missing bottom plastic front panel cover.

View Photo of cracked case around Charge LED.

Abaco Systems / SBS / Bit 3 85221510 PCI Adapter with DMA Controller Module

Memory: 64 KB SRAM

Part Number: 85221510
BIOS Part Number: 85221650

This PCI Adapter(...)
with DMA Controller Module is also known as the PCI board half of:
• 608-201 (Link to SBS 608 Info)
• 413-1 (Link to SBS 413 Info)
• 617-201 (Link to SBS 617 Info)
• 487-1-201 (Link to SBS 487 Info)
• As well as other PCI to VME adapter interface combos

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