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Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-2128-100 128-bit High-Voltage Digital Output Board with Built-In-Test With No SIP Resistors
• 270Ω Pull-Up Resistors, 5 V Output Voltage, 6 V Absolute Maximum Voltage
• No P2 User Ground Connection
• SIP Sockets Location is Reserved

Part Number: 332-012128-100

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-5576-010 Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory with Interrupts
This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIVME-5576 Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory with Interrupts is used and in excellent condition. Cables and connectors are sold separately.

• Memory Option: 256 KB
• FIFO Option: 4 k Transfer FIFO
• Optical Interface: ST/PC
• Fiber Type: 62.5 µm, Multimode

Part Number: 332-015576-010 G

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIPCI-7593 CompactPCI CPU Module
This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMICPCI-7593 CompactPCI CPU Module is used and in excellent condition.


Processor: 233 MHz Pentium with MMX
DRAM Memory: 64 MB
SVGA PMC Installed

Part number: 350-657593-940 A

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-HSD VMEbus Interface
This unit does not include a faceplate or ejector handles; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Number: 332-000HSD0-H, 333-000HSD0-00-H
Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7750-664 Pentium III Processor-Based VME Single Board Computer

• Processor: Pentium III 1 GHz (0 to 40 °C)
• SDRAM Memory: 512 MB RAM
• Compact Flash: 64 MB
• Standard VME Front Panel

Part Number: 350-007750-664

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-2534 32-Bit Digital I/O Board
Our engineers can custom configure these modules to match your application requirements. Please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for configuration, pricing, and availability.

Part Numbers: VMIVME-2534-000, VMIVME-2534-001, VMIVME-2534-002, VMIVME-2534-003, VMIVME-2534-004, VMIVME-2534-005, VMIVME-2534-006, VMIVME-2534-010, VMIVME-2534-001, VMIVME-2534-012, VMIVME-2534-013, VMIVME-2534-014, VMIVME-2534-015, VMIVME-2534-016, VMIVME-2534-020, VMIVME-2534-021, VMIVME-2534-022, VMIVME-2534-023, VMIVME-2534-024, VMIVME-2534-025, VMIVME-2534-026, VMIVME-2534-030, VMIVME-2534-031, VMIVME-2534-032, VMIVME-2534-033, VMIVME-2534-034, VMIVME-2534-035, VMIVME-2534-036, VMIVME-2534-040, VMIVME-2534-041, VMIVME-2534-042, VMIVME-2534-043, VMIVME-2534-044, VMIVME-2534-045, VMIVME-2534-046, VMIVME-2534-050, VMIVME-2534-051, VMIVME-2534-052, VMIVME-2534-053, VMIVME-2534-054, VMIVME-2534-055, VMIVME-2534-056, VMIVME-2534-100, VMIVME-2534-101, VMIVME-2534-102, VMIVME-2534-103, VMIVME-2534-104, VMIVME-2534-105, VMIVME-2534-106, VMIVME-2534-110, VMIVME-2534-101, VMIVME-2534-112, VMIVME-2534-113, VMIVME-2534-114, VMIVME-2534-115, VMIVME-2534-116, VMIVME-2534-120, VMIVME-2534-121, VMIVME-2534-122, VMIVME-2534-123, VMIVME-2534-124, VMIVME-2534-125, VMIVME-2534-126, VMIVME-2534-130, VMIVME-2534-131, VMIVME- 2534-132, VMIVME-2534-133, VMIVME-2534-134, VMIVME-2534-135, VMIVME-2534-136, VMIVME-2534-140, VMIVME-2534-141, VMIVME-2534-142, VMIVME-2534-143, VMIVME-2534-144, VMIVME-2534-145, VMIVME-2534-146, VMIVME-2534-150, VMIVME-2534-151, VMIVME-2534-152, VMIVME-2534-153, VMIVME-2534-154, VMIVME-2534-155, VMIVME-2534-156, VMIVME-2534-400, VMIVME-2534-401, VMIVME-2534-402, VMIVME-2534-403, VMIVME-2534-404, VMIVME-2534-405, VMIVME-2534-406, VMIVME-2534-410, VMIVME-2534-401, VMIVME-2534-412, VMIVME-2534-413, VMIVME-2534-414, VMIVME-2534-415, VMIVME-2534-416, VMIVME-2534-420, VMIVME-2534-421, VMIVME-2534-422, VMIVME-2534-423, VMIVME-2534-424, VMIVME-2534-425, VMIVME- 2534-426, VMIVME-2534-430, VMIVME-2534-431, VMIVME-2534-432, VMIVME-2534-433, VMIVME-2534-434, VMIVME-2534-435, VMIVME-2534-436, VMIVME-2534-440, VMIVME-2534-441, VMIVME-2534-442, VMIVME-2534-443, VMIVME-2534-444, VMIVME-2534-445, VMIVME-2534-446, VMIVME-2534-450, VMIVME-2534-451, VMIVME-2534-452, VMIVME-2534-453, VMIVME-2534-454, VMIVME-2534-455, VMIVME-2534-456, VMIVME-2534-900, VMIVME-2534-901, VMIVME-2534-902, VMIVME-2534-903, VMIVME-2534-904, VMIVME-2534-905, VMIVME-2534-906, VMIVME-2534-910, VMIVME-2534-901, VMIVME-2534-912, VMIVME-2534-913, VMIVME-2534-914, VMIVME- 2534-915, VMIVME- 2534-916, VMIVME-2534-920, VMIVME-2534-921, VMIVME-2534-922, VMIVME-2534-923, VMIVME-2534-924, VMIVME-2534-925, VMIVME-2534-926, VMIVME-2534-930, VMIVME-2534-931, VMIVME-2534-932, VMIVME-2534-933, VMIVME-2534-934, VMIVME-2534-935, VMIVME-2534-936, VMIVME-2534-940, VMIVME-2534-941, VMIVME-2534-942, VMIVME-2534-943, VMIVME-2534-944, VMIVME-2534-945, VMIVME-2534-946, VMIVME-2534-950, VMIVME-2534-951, VMIVME-2534-952, VMIVME-2534-953, VMIVME-2534-954, VMIVME-2534-955, VMIVME-2534-956

Purchase of this unit may require the trade-in of another VMIVME-2534. Please contact Artisan Sales for further details.

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7455-000 Single-Slot VMEbus IDE CD-ROM Drive Module
This VMIC / GE Fanuc VMIVME-7455-000 Single-Slot VMEbus IDE CD-ROM Drive Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 332-007455-000 A
Abaco Systems / VMIC VMICPCI-7325-148 Low Power X86-Based 3U CompactPCI SBC
This unit does not include a hard drive.

• 800 MHz Intel Pentium III Processor
• 256 MB Memory
• Daughter Card 332-000446-100 D

Part Numbers: 350-657325-148 D, 332-657325-000 C

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-3111-000 Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Module
Part Number: VMIVME-3111-000


• 32 Single-Ended or 16 Differential Inputs with No Front Panel Connector
• No Filter
• No Autocal, No Auto Zero, No Built-in-Test, and No Analog Outputs

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-5550-100 Reflective Memory Interface
• Memory Option: 512 KB
• FIFO Option: 512 Transfer FIFO

This unit does not have SIP resistors installed.

Part Number: 332-035550-100

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-1150-102 64-Bit Optically Coupled Digital Input Board

• Data Polarity: Positive True
• Input Type: Voltage Source + Logic Input
• Voltage Input: 5V
• Filter Option: 10 µs

Part Number: 332-001150-102

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-1160 / VMIVME-1160A 32-Bit Optically Coupled Digital Input Module
Our engineers can custom configure these modules to match your application requirements. Please contact Artisan Technology Group Sales for configuration, pricing, and availability.

Part Numbers: VMIVME-1160-100, VMIVME-1160-101, VMIVME-1160-102, VMIVME-1160-103, VMIVME-1160-104, VMIVME-1160-110, VMIVME-1160-111, VMIVME-1160-112, VMIVME-1160-113, VMIVME-1160-114, VMIVME-1160-120, VMIVME-1160-121, VMIVME-1160-122, VMIVME-1160-123, VMIVME-1160-124, VMIVME-1160-130, VMIVME-1160-131, VMIVME-1160-132, VMIVME-1160-133, VMIVME-1160-134, VMIVME-1160-200, VMIVME-1160-201, VMIVME-1160-202, VMIVME-1160-203, VMIVME-1160-204, VMIVME-1160-210, VMIVME-1160-211, VMIVME-1160-212, VMIVME-1160-213, VMIVME-1160-214, VMIVME-1160-220, VMIVME-1160-221, VMIVME-1160-222, VMIVME-1160-223, VMIVME-1160-224, VMIVME-1160-230, VMIVME-1160-231, VMIVME-1160-232, VMIVME-1160-233, VMIVME-1160-234, VMIVME-1160-300, VMIVME-1160-301, VMIVME-1160-302, VMIVME-1160-303, VMIVME-1160-304, VMIVME-1160-310, VMIVME-1160-311, VMIVME-1160-312, VMIVME-1160-313, VMIVME-1160-314, VMIVME-1160-320, VMIVME-1160-321, VMIVME-1160-322, VMIVME-1160-323, VMIVME-1160-324, VMIVME-1160-330, VMIVME-1160-331, VMIVME-1160-332, VMIVME-1160-333, VMIVME-1160-334, VMIVME-1160-400, VMIVME-1160-401, VMIVME-1160-402, VMIVME-1160-403, VMIVME-1160-404, VMIVME-1160-410, VMIVME-1160-411, VMIVME-1160-412, VMIVME-1160-413, VMIVME-1160-414, VMIVME-1160-420, VMIVME-1160-421, VMIVME-1160-422, VMIVME-1160-423, VMIVME-1160-424, VMIVME-1160-430, VMIVME-1160-431, VMIVME-1160-432, VMIVME-1160-433, VMIVME-1160-434, VMIVME-1160A-100, VMIVME-1160A-101, VMIVME-1160A-102, VMIVME-1160A-103, VMIVME-1160A-104, VMIVME-1160A-110, VMIVME-1160A-111, VMIVME-1160A-112, VMIVME-1160A-113, VMIVME-1160A-114, VMIVME-1160A-120, VMIVME-1160A-121, VMIVME-1160A-122, VMIVME-1160A-123, VMIVME-1160A-124, VMIVME-1160A-130, VMIVME-1160A-131, VMIVME-1160A-132, VMIVME-1160A-133, VMIVME-1160A-134, VMIVME-1160A-200, VMIVME-1160A-201, VMIVME-1160A-202, VMIVME-1160A-203, VMIVME-1160A-204, VMIVME-1160A-210, VMIVME-1160A-211, VMIVME-1160A-212, VMIVME-1160A-213, VMIVME-1160A-214, VMIVME-1160A-220, VMIVME-1160A-221, VMIVME-1160A-222, VMIVME-1160A-223, VMIVME-1160A-224, VMIVME-1160A-230, VMIVME-1160A-231, VMIVME-1160A-232, VMIVME-1160A-233, VMIVME-1160A-234, VMIVME-1160A-300, VMIVME-1160A-301, VMIVME-1160A-302, VMIVME-1160A-303, VMIVME-1160A-304, VMIVME-1160A-310, VMIVME-1160A-311, VMIVME-1160A-312, VMIVME-1160A-313, VMIVME-1160A-314, VMIVME-1160A-320, VMIVME-1160A-321, VMIVME-1160A-322, VMIVME-1160A-323, VMIVME-1160A-324, VMIVME-1160A-330, VMIVME-1160A-331, VMIVME-1160A-332, VMIVME-1160A-333, VMIVME-1160A-334, VMIVME-1160A-400, VMIVME-1160A-401, VMIVME-1160A-402, VMIVME-1160A-403, VMIVME-1160A-404, VMIVME-1160A-410, VMIVME-1160A-411, VMIVME-1160A-412, VMIVME-1160A-413, VMIVME-1160A-414, VMIVME-1160A-420, VMIVME-1160A-421, VMIVME-1160A-422, VMIVME-1160A-423, VMIVME-1160A-424, VMIVME-1160A-430, VMIVME-1160A-431, VMIVME-1160A-432, VMIVME-1160A-433, VMIVME-1160A-434

Purchase of this unit may require the trade-in of another VMIVME-1160 / VMIVME-1160A. Please contact Artisan Sales for further details.

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7851-120000 Single Board Computer
• Processor: 1.7 GHz (Extended Temperature Range: 0 to 60°C)
• Memory: 512 MB SDRAM
• Compact Flash: None
• SCSI Interface: None
• IDE Hard Disk: None
• Front Panel: Standard

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-6005-010 Octal ARINC-429 Intelligent Communications Controller
This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIVME-6005 Octal ARINC-429 Intelligent Communications Controller is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 332-006005-010 G, 332-006005-010 C


• 8 Transmitters and 16 Receivers
• All 12.5 Kbit/s

Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-2700-000 16-Channel Optically Coupled Digital I/O Board
This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIVME-2700-000 16-Channel Optically Coupled Digital I/O Board is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: VMIVME-2700-000
• Input Voltage Range: 5 V
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