Artisan Technology Group Equipment Return Information Form

Most all equipment purchased from Artisan Technology Group includes a 90-Day Warranty with a 30-Day Inspection Period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the equipment within 30 days of your original shipment receive date for a refund. If you would like to return any equipment you purchased from Artisan Technology Group for warranty repair, you may do so any time within 90 days of your original shipment receive date.

Returning your purchase requires only a few steps:
  1. Complete the Equipment Return Information Form below.  
  2. Obtain RMA Number  
  3. Ship the Equipment  
  4. Service Center Evaluation  
  5. Return / Refund  
If you have any questions, at any point in time, please feel free to contact our Customer Service at (888) 887-6872 (US and Canada) or (217) 352-9330, or at
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  * Return / Refund - Select one
  Return - Select to indicate you would prefer to have the equipment repaired or replaced and returned to you.
  Refund - Select to indicate you would prefer to receive a refund after returning the equipment.
Please note that in order to be eligible for a refund or repair services under warranty, the following must be met:
  • ALL warranty labels must be intact and visible
  • All equipment must complete and in same condition as received
  • Inspection return requests must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of shipment
  • Warranty repair requests must be submitted within 90 days of receipt of shipment
Breaking or removing the warranty labels on the equipment will void the warranty and will make it ineligible for return.
  Return Type - Select one
  30-Day Inspection Period Return - Select to return equipment you purchased and you would like to return.

Artisan Technology Group offers a 30-Day Inspection Period with most all equipment sold to our customers. This form must be completed and submitted by the customer within 30 days of receiving of equipment for a valid RMA number to be issued for return. This option should only be selected for equipment that is being returned in working condition and just didn't fit the end user's requirements. If the equipment is not functioning properly or is broken or damaged (even through shipping), please use one of our warranty repair options below.

  Warranty Repair - Select for equipment purchased from Artisan Technology Group and the current date is within the Standard 90-Day Warranty period or the Extended 180-Day Warranty period.

This form must be completed and submitted by the customer before the end of the warranty period to obtain a valid RMA number to be issued for return. The warranty period starts on the date of receipt of equipment by the customer. If the customer performed calibration by a third party certified calibration center, then the warranty period starts on the day the equipment was received by the customer after calibration, provided the equipment receive date is within 90 days of purchase from Artisan Technology Group.

  Prior Service Warranty Repair - Select for equipment previously repaired by Artisan Technology Group and the current date is within the the Standard 90-Day Warranty period or the Extended 180-Day Warranty period of the last repair.

Artisan Technology Group offers a 90-Day Warranty on all repairs performed by our service center. This warranty covers only the parts of equipment previously serviced by our Service Center.

  Equipment Information - Fill in as many fields as possible, where applicable
Serial Number:  
Manufacture Date:  
Purchase Date:  
Are the warranty stickers/labels intact?  

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 Artisan Technology Group Invoice #:     Date:
 Previous Artisan Technology Group RMA #:     Date:
  Fault Details / Problem Information - * Required
Detailed Description of Problem:
To obtain repair approval in a timely manner, please
describe the problem in the highest detail possible.

Please avoid "Doesn't work" or other wording indicating
general failure. This type of information is not useful
in helping our Service Center determine the cause of a
problem or course of action towards resolution.
Unknown Problem:  
* Check this box if you are unable to
describe the problem with your equipment.
Checking this box may create additional
non-refundable engineering services fees
and would be quoted before any work is performed.

Explain in detail how our service center can replicate the problem described above:  
Fault immediately apparent:   
Is fault apparent when used with other equipment?:   
Please send any attachments (ie. Pictures, Video Clips, Documents, etc) by email to our Service Center Support email address:
  Equipment Operating Environment
Line Voltage (V):  
Line Frequency (Hz):  
Operating Temperature
(Specify C or F):
How long was equipment allowed to warm-up before operation:  
What other equipment are you using in your setup when problem occurs:  
  Fault Symptoms - Please check all related boxes
 Dead on arrival
 Problem occurs at first start up
 Problem occurs after approx  hour(s) of operation
 Problem occurs after approx  month(s) of operation
 Problem occurs during normal operation
 Mechanical damage
 Worked previous to making new connection
 Temperature related
 Digital interface
 Analog interface
 Output Level out of specification
 Input Level out of specification
 Monitor and Control
 Mechanical failure
 Fire / Water Damage
 Not fit for purpose
 Failed Calibration
Additional Comments:  
  Expedited / Front-of-Line Service

The Artisan Technology Group Service Center works on a queue-based system, which means operations are prioritized according to status, type and other factors. Equipment submitted for repair evaluations receive the lowest priority and is processed as timely as possible.

Because the Service Center frequently operates with a large queue of equipment waiting to be serviced, you have the option of requesting Front-of-Line Service. Front-of-Line Service will place your service request immediately next after the highest priority items and other Front-of-Line requests in the Service Center queue. There is a non-refundable $250.00 service fee for Front-of-Line Service, which may be credited towards the repair invoice upon completion of repair services, if repair services are rendered.

The Front-of-Line Service fee does not guarantee repairability of your equipment, only priority service in the Service Center repair queue.

Our service Center offers discounts on the Front-of-Line Service fees when submitting more than one piece of equipment with Front-Of-Line Service.

 I would like to request Front-of-Line Service
  Data Backup - * Required

Although the Artisan Technology Group Service Center makes every effort to preserve information such as software, configuration information, personal information, or other data stored in hard drives, EEPROMS, or other volatile or non-volatile storage, the safety of your data is not guaranteed.

It is the customer's responsibility to make backups of all data before submitting equipment for any services provided by the Service Center.

The Service Center can create backup copies of your data for an additional fee. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information on data backup services for your equipment.

 I understand that backing up data is my responsibility and Artisan Technology Group is not responsible for any data loss.
  Submit Information

All products sent to Artisan Technology Group for repair and/or warranty services which have not been identified previously by submitting this Equipment Return Information Form will be returned to the buyer at buyer's expense and no evaluation of such equipment shall be carried out by Artisan Technology Group.

When finished, please click the Submit Information Form button below and a customer service representative will contact you shortly with additional information including how to ship your equipment to our Service Center.

All shipping related charges, including shipment costs, insurance, taxes, tariffs, and any other charges related to the shipment of equipment to and from the Artisan Technology Group Service Center, are the responsibility of the customer.

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