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EMTS/Electroglas 2001X P/S Automatic Wafer Prober
This EMTS/Electroglas 2001X P/S Automatic Wafer Prober is used and in excellent condition. It includes the cables and accessories listed below and pictured. Computer sold separately. We do not have the expertise to fully test this unit and have documented all the information gathered from it in this page. It is recommended that the purchaser of this system contact the manufacturer for replacement components.

System Configuration:

• Navitar Uni-lite 1x Coaxial Illuminator
• DF-150-3 Dark Field Illuminator
• Sanyo Black and White Video Monitor (has some screen burn-in artifacts)
• Control Keyboard (Missing Enter and Plus Keys)
• Joystick Controller and Keypad (Missing Plus key)
• Power Source with Camera Lighting Controls
• Sola MCR 2000 Power Regulator (not pictured)
• (3) 25-slot Wafer Probe Cassette (not pictured)

CIVision Wafer Inspection System:

• Model: 1 Camera Lowmax
• CIVision Manual
• Software CD: APC PowerChute Personal Edition
• Software CD: eVGA Display Driver Installation
• Software CD: Measurement Computing
• Software CD: Intel Express Installer CD
• Software CD: ViewSonic Wizard: User Guide and Installation
• Software 3 1/4 Floppy: RAID Driver

Basler A311f Camera:

• Video Output: Mono
• Sensor Size 659x494
• Sensor Type: Progressive Scan CCD
• Max Frame Rate: 73 Frames/s
• Video Output: IEEE 1394

View Photo of the joystick controller.
View Photo of the monitor and control keyboard.

EMTS/Electroglas 244842 Memory Board
• 128 KB of OTPROM
• 16 KB of CMOS Static RAM

Part Number: 244842-001
EMTS/Electroglas 244736 Theta Z Inker Driver
This unit has damage to the PCB however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Number: 244736-001

View Photo of damage to PCB

19 / 19 Results
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