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Amada Miyachi / Unitek Miyachi Unibond II Power Supply
Part Number: UB27115, 1-191-02

Input Voltage: 115 VAC
Excelitas / Lumen Dynamics P1001-A Ultracure 100SS Plus UV Curing Module
This unit is also known as the EXFO P1001-A Ultracure 100SS Plus UV Curing Module. This unit has a high pressure mercury lamp, which is used and has unknown remaining life. The remote cable is not(...) included.

Light Guides are Sold Separately here

Helmut-Fischer Fischerscope XDL-XYZp Spectrometer
This Helmut-Fischer Fischerscope XDL-XYZp Spectrometer is used and in excellent condition. This is the XDL unit only, and does not include computer or software. This unit ships with the holding(...) plate.

View Photo of Holding Plate

Input Voltage: 115 VAC Only

West-Bond K-1400 4 Watt Ultrasonic Generator
This West-Bond K-1400 4 Watt Ultrasonic Generator is used and in excellent condition.

K-1400 Configuration:
• Output Power (Low Side): 0 to 2 W
• Output Power (High Side): 0 to 5 W
• Output Frequency: 62 to 66 KHz, automatically tracked
• Short Setting Time Range: 1 ms to 100 ms
• Long Setting Time Range: 20 ms to 1 sec.
• Required Transducer Impedance: 20 ohms nominal

Input Voltage: 230 VAC

Keysight / Agilent 16058-60003 Personality Board
The 16058-60003 is the main test fixture board providing measurement connection terminals and Connection Switch.(...) The board permits installation of one of the replaceable socket boards and construction of circuitry necessary for the desired measurement.
Spectroline / Spectronics XL-1500A Large Size UV Crosslinker
UV bulbs included with this unit are used.

• Wavelength: 365 nm
• (6) Bulbs: 15W LW, BLE-1T151

Input Voltage: 120 VAC Only

AGFA / Krautkramer Branson CL304 Benchtop Precision Thickness Gauge
There is a small scratch on the screen cover of this unit; however, this will not affect its ability to function properly. This unit does not include batteries.

Included Accessories:
• Hard Sided Case
• Battery Charger: CL300 Series, Part Number: 504700
• Probe: Alpha 20 MHz, .25"
• Probe Cable: C.D. International BM-174-2 BNC to 1/4-32

View Photo of scratch on display cover.

Hypervision Chip UnZip Low Stress Back Side Prep System
This instrument was removed from service and a very good effort was made to keep all of its components and spares together. It will require some accessories (i.e. cabling, hoses, software, computer,(...) camera or other hardware) as well as expertise in setting up such a system to become complete and ready to operate. Please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability of required software and accessories.

• (2) Cole-Parmer C/L 2-Channel Variable Speed Pumps and Cole-Parmer Power Supplies
• 9.5in x 10in Milling Platform
• Internal Lamp
• 9-Pin and 25-Pin Cable

Spindles Included:
• Collis 67586 30CV .750EM 3.00 PRO R0
• Renishaw mp15 uk r76277; #M/2045/0077; R52M-0210 Command
• Low Speed Endmill

View Photo of Installed Low Speed Spindle
View Photo of other Spindles
View Photo of 9.5in x 10in Milling Platform
View Photo of Other Misc Hardware

This unit does not include a CCD camera.

MicroVision MVT 7080 Wafer Sorter
This MicroVision MVT 7080 Wafer Sorter is a parts unit and is being sold as is. The unit is incomplete. It has been priced accordingly. We do not have the expertise to fully test this unit and have(...) documented all the information gathered from it in this page.

MVT 7080 Configuration:
Holds up to (4) Cassettes
Cassettes Not Included
PC Controller Not Included

View Photo of the top surface of the unit.

Input Voltage: 110 V
Input Frequency: 60 Hz

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