Helmut-Fischer Fischerscope XDAL-FD EDXRF Spectrometer

Stock # 73637-2
This Helmut-Fischer Fischerscope XDAL-FD EDXRF Spectrometer is used and in excellent condition.

• FD: Fast Detector
• Tube: Micro
• Detector: PIN
• Filters: 3
• Aperture: 4
• Probe Placing: XYZ
• CPU: 1.8 Ghz P4, 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD, Windows XP, XDAL-FT Software v6.19 with Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Input Voltage: 120 VAC Only

Click here to view the photo of a wafer taken with the device's on-board camera by an Artisan Technology Group technician.

Parts and Accessories:
• (1) FI-SIM WinFTM Super X720 (Security USB Dongle)
• (3) WINFTM V6 CDs (Version: 6.13, 6.14, 6.19)
• (1) Serial Cable for connecting device to computer
• (1) Video Cable for camera

Click here to view a photo of the parts and accessories.

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Helmut-Fischer Fischerscope XDAL Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
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