Parker / Compumotor AL-Drive Microstepping Controller

This Parker / Compumotor AL-DRIVE Microstepping System is used and in excellent condition. This AL-Drive has the older connector configuration, as well as includes the ability to adjust the Current Trim, the Offset A / B, and Balance via the front panel. The AL (Low) has a max current of 3A. The A Drive can be configured by on-board switches to be any of the following models:

A57-51, A57-83, A57-102, A83-62, A83-93, A83-135

If you would like an ATG technician to set the switches to configure the A to one of these particular models, please let us know when placing the order.

Input Voltage: 120 VAC Only

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Stock # 59777-3
Parker / Compumotor A Series Microstepping Drive
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