Thermo / Forma Scientific 3140 Series II CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator

Series II Model 3140:

• Reversible Door Swing
• Infrared CO2 Sensor
• Fuel Cell O2 Sensor (Japan Storage Battery Model KE-25 O2 Sensor)
• CO2 Inlet
• N2 Inlet
• No HEPA Filter
• No Shelves or shelf frame
• No Water Pan

Input Voltage: 120 VAC Only

You can order replacement HEPA filters, shelves, and shelf frames from Thermo.
Fuel Cell O2 Sensor: Catalog number 290083
HEPA filter: Catalog number 760175 and is priced around $40.00
Individual Shelf: Catalog number 190884. Includes (1) shelf and (2) shelf channels
Shelf Frame: Catalog number 190670. Includes (8) shelf channels and (1) left and (1) right shelf frame panel

GS Yuasa / Japan Storage Battery KE-25 Datasheet (pdf)

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Thermo / Forma Scientific 3110 Series CO2 Water Jacketed Incubators
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