Olis RSM 1000 Rapid-Scanning Monochromator System

This Olis RSM 1000 Rapid-Scanning Monochromator System Absorbance w/ Stop Flow Assembly is used and in excellent condition. There are (3) PMT Assemblies installed on the sample housing, and a Scandisk 16 x 0.2mm installed on the grating housing assembly. The Arc Lamp Assembly to the monochrometer is a PTI A-1010. Please read this option description carefully to understand what is and is not included in the sale of this instrument.

We have documented and included photos of the components, replacement parts, and accessories that are included with this instrument:

• The RSM-1000 System w/ Description (view image), close up view of the Monochrometer/Slit Cartridge Unit (view image), the USA Stopped-Flow Unit (view image), the PTI LPS-220 Arc Lamp Power Supply and Igniter seen (view image), a rear view of the system (view image), the Stopped-Flow Firing Box (view image)

• The VWR Water Baths Model 1162 and Model 1167, and the AVIV Power Switch (view image)

• The Keyboard Drawer, Computer Stand and the Olis Stack of Trigger Box, Scan Box, and PM Box (view image)

• Plastic Bottle and Tubing (view image)

• Miscellaneous Fittings/Clamps/Tools/Connectors (In Bag), 25 to 9 Pin Cable and a Tube Guide (view image)

• HP Capillary Tube (3480MM L, 0.9MM ID) (view image)

• Two spare optics (view image) the left Reflector has a crack in the top left corner (view image)

• Spare Printed Circuit Board (view image)

• Software, total of (17) diskettes: (3) Installation Disks Version 1.1.01, (3) Installation Disks Version 6.3.6, (5) RSM-1000 OS Demo Disks (Copy 1), (5) RSM-1000 OS Demo Disks (Copy 2), (1) Repair Disk [MID031902001RSR] (view image)

• Two sets of Injector Tubes (view image)

• Everything you ever wanted to know about your OLIS RSM-1000 Book, Flow Cell Manual, OLIS RSM-1000 OS User’s Manual, Stopped-Flow Maintenance Manual and Notes (view image)

• USA Stopped-Flow Manual, RSM-1000 Hardware Handbook, Software Tutorial for the RSM and RSM CD (view image)

Items Not Included: We purchased this instrument from a large company that had an unwavering policy of not selling computers for data security reasons. Unfortunately, this applied to computers running instruments, as well as the PC cards installed in them. This instrument is in need of a computer and the OLIS PC cards that interface to the instrument. The customer can arrange the system be completed/updated through OLIS, and we can crate and ship the item to OLIS directly. We can also answer any technical questions OLIS has about the system if they need to evaluate it remotely. Not having the computer and PC cards makes this instrument incomplete, and it has been priced accordingly. Because this system is incomplete and in need of additional components to operate, it is being sold as-is. We can take more specific photos and our technicians can run tests at the potential buyers instructions for remote evaluation. The buyer also has the option of inspecting the system at our facility.

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Olis RSM 1000 Rapid-Scanning Monochrometer System
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