Pharmacia SMART System / uPeak Micro-Purification System

This instrument was removed from service and a very good effort was made to keep all of its components and spares together. It will require some consumables, accessories and components as well as expertise in setting up such a system to become complete and ready to operate. We have documented the components and accessories that are included and not included with this instrument:

Accessories and Components Included:

• µSeparation Unit, µPrecision Pump, µPeak Monitor, µFraction Collector and System Power Supply are Included
• Included Tube Holder Capacity: 48 x 0.5 mL Sample Tubes and 4 x 24 mL Tubes
• 200 mL External Sample Loop Installed
• (4) Multinet Cables Included

Accessories and Components Not Included:

• OS/2 Operating System, SMART Manager and SMART Assistant Software are Sold Separately
• ISA/AT, Multinet, µControl Board Used for Interfacing to a PC is Sold Separately
• Various Consumable (i.e Bottles and Tubing)

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Pharmacia SMART System / uPeak Micro-Purification System
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