Keysight / Agilent 37717C OminiBER 717 Communications Performance Analyzer

Stock # 49060-16
This Agilent / HP 37717C OmniBER 717 Communications Performance Analyzer is used, and in excellent condition. Optical connector interface: PC.

The following options are installed:
• A3B: Remote Control (includes HPIB+RS232+Parallel+LAN)
• UKJ: PDH Module - Structured TX/RX
• 131: STM 0/1/4 1310 nm Optics
• 120: STS-1/STM-0e and STS-3/STM-1e electrical interfaces
• A3R: STM-0e and STM-1e electrical interfaces
• OYH: 155/622 Mb/s (binary I/F) module

This instrument includes the standard Agilent optical interface (View Photo). The Agilent 81000xI Series optical interface connectors are sold separately. They are available for purchase from our website here: (Item #50516).

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Keysight / Agilent 37717C OmniBER 717 Communications Performance Analyzer
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