Agilent / HP / Cerjac E4480A 156MTS SONET Maintenance Test Set

Optical Interface: SC/PC (our technicians can change the optical interface to another standard for a nominal fee). OC-N Laser Wavelength: 1310 nm. Includes front panel cover plate.

Model 156MTS
HW Serial: 3605A01780
SW Serial: MTS0780

Sytem Software Config:
Boot v3.30
Host v4.31
ATM v2.2Z

IEEE and RS232 (SCPI): Installed
RS232 Remote Front Panel: -
Data/Event Logging: Installed
Config Code: 00 01 05 74 FC 40 67 71

System Hardware Config:
STS-1: Installed
STS-3: Installed
STS-3C: Installed
STS-12+: -
STS-12C: -
DS3: Installed (Receive Only)
VT1.5: -
Dual DS3: -
DS3 Pulse Mark: -
Jitter: -
DS1: -
DS1C: -
DS0: -
E1: -
TS: -
FT1: -
ATM: Installed

A picture of the rear view for this unit is here.

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Agilent / HP / Cerjac 156MTS E4480A SONET Maintenance Test Set
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