Agilent / National Instruments E1482B VXI-MXI w/ INTX PCB Assembly

This unit does not include the top metal cover or front metal plate. NI manufactured these modules for HP / Agilent (HP would put on their own metal cover & front panel plate). It is good for replacing E1482B cards that have gone bad (so the metal cover & front plate from the broken unit can be used on this new OEM unit). These boards are surplus/new in the NI-sealed static bags. They have the INTX board installed (this board can be easily removed if INTX is not required).

By default we ship you this component card for you to do the replacement, or (upon request) you can send your broken E1482B to us and our technicians can perform this procedure.

Part Number: 181045H-52

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Stock # 50230-2
Agilent / National Instruments E1482A / E1482B / E1489C VXIbus Extender (VXIbus-to-MXIbus)
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