Astronics / EADS / Racal 1003 Power Controller

Stock # 54667-3
This Racal 1003 Power Controller is used, and in excellent condition. It plugs into 208V 3-Phase and distributes the power to several 120VAC outlets. It is for distributing 120VAC power within a rack where the rack's total power consumption exceeds normal 120VAC current/power capabilities. There is a 30 Amp (per phase) 3-Phase breaker on the rear. There are (2) dual 120VAC switched outlets for each phase, as well as one 120VAC unswitched outlet. The front panel has AC Power On & Off switches, as well as an Emergency Off button with an adjacent Reset switch. There is also a 15-Pin D-type connector and a small fuse assembly on the side of the unit.

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