Keysight / Agilent 44706A 60-Channel Single-Ended Relay Multiplexer

Stock # 59140-26
This unit ships in the original HP box and packaging.

The relay MUX is an analog signal multiplexer accessory which is used to switch (multiplex) signals from up to 60 single-ended channels for measurement by the Agilent / HP 3852A voltmeter accessories or by external voltmeters. This accessory provides switching capability for the 60 channels at scanning speeds up to 450 channels per second using an Agilent / HP 3852A voltmeter accessory. This accessory can switch signals up to 42 VDC or 30 VAC rms (42V peak).

The relay MUX accessory consists of a 60-channel terminal module and a relay MUX component module. Field wiring from your application sensors, such as voltage sources, will be connected to the terminal module and the signals will be sent to the switches located on the component module.

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Keysight / Agilent 3852A Data Acquisition / Control Unit and 447XXX Series Modules
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