Keysight / Agilent E5022A Cables

Stock # 65054-15
These Agilent / HP E5022A Cables are used and in excellent condition.


• E5039-61603: E5039A SIGNAL IN to E5036A OUT 2 (SMA, 9.5 in.)
• E5039-61601: E5037A EXT DATA IN POS to E5039A DATA OUT POS (SMA, 9.5 in.)
• E5039-61602: E5037A EXT DATA IN NEG to E5039A DATA OUT NEG (SMA, 9.5 in.)
• E5041-61603: E5036A SIGNAL OUT to E5041A SIGNAL IN (SMA, 12 in.)
• E5039-61604: E5037A GATE IN to E5039A WR GATE OUT (BNC, 10 in.)
• E5041-61602: E5037A GATE OUT to E5041A TRIG IN (BNC, 14 in.)
• E5041-61601: E5035A WR GATE IN to E5041A WR GATE OUT (BNC, 14 in.)
• E5022-61606: E5036A SIGNAL OUT to E5038A SIGNAL IN (SMA, 24 in.)
• E5022-61614: E5037A CLOCK OUT to 4395A EXT REF INPUT (SMA to BNC, 10 ft.)
• C-25814-10 REV C4* 4/00 (Female DB-9 to Male DB-9 with 5 pins, 10 ft.)
• E5022-61640: CTRL to E5035A HEAD AMP CTRL (SCSI, 10 ft.)
• E5022-61613: E5035A TRIG OUT 2 to 4395A EXT TRIGGER (BNC, 10 ft.)
• E5022-61609: E5035A SECTOR IN to DMM SECTOR (BNC, 13 ft.)
• E5022-61608: E5035A INDEX IN to DMM INDEX (BNC, 13 ft.)

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Keysight / Agilent E5022A Hard Disk Read/Write Test System
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