Exfo IQ-3100-DUI Variable Attenuator

This Exfo IQ-3100 Variable Attenuator is used and in excellent condition.

• Part Number: IQ-3100-DUI
• Wavelength Range: 700 to 1350 nm
• Fiber Type: Multimode 62.5/125 µm
• Insertion Loss: < 2.0 dB
• Optical Interface: PC*

The fully programmable IQ-3100 Variable Attenuator offers reliable and repeatable performance and is ideal for automated BER testing.

Optical system manufacturers know that variable attenuators are essential in order to keep their test systems running smoothly. They look for performance, user-friendliness, complete control of test parameters and advanced programming capability. EXFO's IQ-3100 Variable Attenuator combines innovative design techniques, high-quality components and meticulous calibration procedure. Reliability and repeatable performance. That's what the IQ-3100 offers, in a flexible and fully programmable module. Choose from three attenuation modes: absolute, relative and X+B. Cycle through a repeatable sequence of up to 100 attenuation steps, with a dwell time of up to 1000 hours per step. Add a user-friendly Windows environment, and you've got a first-class variable attenuator.

Exfo IQ-3100 Datasheet (pdf)
Exfo IQ-3100 / IQ-3300 Manual (pdf)

*This unit comes with the non-standard JDSU/Acterna/W&G optical interface as shown here. The JDSU/Acterna/W&G 2060 Universal Test Adapters are sold separately. They can be purchased here.

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Exfo IQ-3100 Variable Attenuators
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