Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7751-760100 Pentium III VME Single Board Computer

This unit includes the Parallel Port cable installed in one of the PMC front panel slots. This can be removed at time of purchase if necessary.

VMIVME-7751-760100 (aka VMIVME-7751-76010)

• Processor: 1.26 GHz Pentium III with 512 KB Cache
• SDRAM: 512 MB
• CompactFlash: None Installed
• SCSI Interface: Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI
• IDE Hard Drive: None Installed
• Front Panel: VME Standard

Part Numbers: 332-00751-100 B, 332-007510-001 K

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Stock # 72077-3
Abaco Systems / VMIC VMIVME-7751 Series Pentium III VME Single-Board Computer
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