Pentek 4241 Parallel Digital I/O MIX Module and MIX Baseboard

This unit has a 4202 MIX Baseboard Module to operate as a slave VMEbus board.

Using a full 32-bit parallel data word for both input and output, Model 4241 Digital I/O MIX Module serves as a slave device to transfer digital data from its front panel connectors to one or more subsystem processors via the MIX bus. Although often combined with other MIX modules, up to three digital I/O modules may be used in a subsystem for applications such as decimating filters or data reduction, where the output of one I/O feeds the input of another.

Part Number: 528011C
Expansion Module Part Number: 3695005E (Option 002, 16 Ksample FIFO)

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Stock # 61502-5
Pentek MIX Modules and Baseboards
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